Unlimited Data Plans for Your Car

May 10th, 2017 by

2017 Range Rover Technology

On March 22, 2017, Jaguar Land Rover made a big announcement. The company now offers access to Jaguar and Land Rover vehicle owners to a data plan that is unlimited and only costs $20 a month. AT&T provides this prepaid service for Jaguar and Land Rover owners. The unlimited data plan is delivered through the Jaguar and Land Rover InControl platform, giving drivers the ability to stay connected through the data plan while driving on the open road.

The unlimited data plan can be accessed any time there is a data signal in the area. When a driver accesses the InControl Wi-Fi, a hotspot can be set up for all of the passengers in the vehicle. With the hotspot ready, the hotspot can handle up to eight connected devices to offer fast, free internet access to everyone in the vehicle.

The InControl Wi-Fi system on the Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles uses an antenna that is fixed to the vehicle. The location is precise, and effective at getting the strongest signals to make the internet connection reliable through most areas in the entire United States. The location of the antenna is in the same section where the radio antenna is kept, the perfect spot for picking up a data signal.

David Larsen, the North America Product Planning Manager for Jaguar Land Rover stated, “Wireless connectivity and connected car services continue to be a key driver for new vehicle purchases, so we’re happy that this attractive price will provide Jaguar Land Rover customers with an enhanced ownership experience through the use of all the Wi-Fi enabled benefits.”

At AT&T, they are proud to play an integral role in providing quality internet service while on the go to owners of Jaguars and Land Rovers. Joe Mosele, who is the vice president of Internet Things Solutions at AT&T claimed. He stated, “By accessing the internet through the AT&T wireless network, passengers can now enjoy their content and entertainment on the go.”

Customers driving both Jaguars and Land Rovers can now provide passengers with easy access to the internet, keeping passengers entertained while on the open road. This is great for families who want to access movies or music while taking a long road trip.

The InControl Wi-Fi system is a standard feature of many of the Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, while it is an option for other models. Connected cars will be the future, and Jaguar Land Rover is making sure that they are ahead of the competition in providing on the go access to the internet.

Jaguar Land Rover is ready to provide customers with the services they want, and that includes unlimited use of data while riding in a vehicle. This offers owners a wide variety of options when it comes to internet use while on the road, making it easy to conduct business from your vehicle.

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