Safely Take Your Land Rover Off-Roading on Sand

October 26th, 2016 by

Land Rover Discovery off-road in the Taklimakan Desert

As a Land Rover owner in Florida, it can occasionally be frustrating not to have rocky trails or snowy mountain passes to test out these vehicles’ 4×4 capabilities. But Florida does have one off-road element that a lot of other locations lack – sand. In the hands of a capable driver, a drive across the dunes in a Land Rover can be a truly thrilling experience. Before heading out, make sure you learn a little about effectively and safely taking your Land Rover out on sand.

Tips For Driving on Sand

While driving on sand can be a great outing for you and your Land Rover, its important to know how to do so safely and most effectively:

  • Land Rover Discovery off-roading on sandReduce the pressure in your tires to around 12-15 psi. This will allow your tires to have a larger footprint and generate added traction on the shifting surface of the sand. Be sure to re-inflate the tires as soon as you get back on pavement.
  • Focus more on straightaways than sharp corners. It is easy for large vehicles like Land Rovers to get stuck in the sand if a corner is too tight. Try to go around corners in long arcs.
  • If you get stuck in the sand, don’t gun the engine to get yourself loose. This will only make the problem worse. Instead, back slowly out of the stuck spot. If you still have trouble, use loose branches or wet soil to give your wheels more purchase.
  • Avoid the sand entirely if you’re in a vehicle with front-wheel drive. They will get stuck quickly and repeatedly. The best performers are part-time 4WD models that have a low range and locked center differential.
  • Once you get home, wash the sand and salt off the underbody of the vehicle. This can help to discourage corrosion. You can also take the opportunity to check for any damage. Sand may be soft, but that doesn’t mean it can’t damage your vehicle.

Learn More About Off-Roading in Your Land Rover at Land Rover Fort Myers

Driving your Land Rover on regular roads is exciting enough, but a big part of the fun of owning such a capable vehicle is finding out for yourself just what your Land Rover can and can’t do. When you’re driving a Land Rover, you aren’t bound only to the pavement. Keep these tips in mind the next time you decide to hit the sand for an adventure. If you want to upgrade the capabilities of your vehicle or learn more about what your Land Rover can do, visit Land Rover Fort Myers.