Land Rover History

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Historical Land Rover vehicle

Follow the Land Rover brand from the beginning sketch to the innovative models we have today. Learn more about how the Land Rover started out and see how far it’s come as history progressed.

How Did it Start?

The history of the Land Rover starts with a sketch in the sand in 1947. Then through the compilation of a team, record-breaking expeditions no one has gone on before, and tons of research, the Land Rover was born. As the years advanced, so did the Land Rover with new models including the Land Rover Range Rover and new features like the all-terrain response systems.

Model History

Maurice Wilks and his brother created the first Land Rover over 60 years ago. Always thinking of the future, the Land Rover developments in new trim levels and versions such as the Land Rover Range Rover Discovery Sport, Land Rover Range Rover, and Land Rover Range Rover Sport have skyrocketed and are continuing to climb. With new standard safety and interior technology, you can be assured that the Land Rover will satisfy any and every driving need.

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