New Land Rover Doors Keep Your Vehicle Safe from Dings

December 20th, 2016 by

Land Rover Range Rover EvoqueIf you’re a Land Rover enthusiast, then you like your premium SUV for a few different reasons, including its confident performance and off-road capabilities. High on that list, though, is the unmistakable looks you get when your Land Rover approaches, in awe of the imposing style and presence these vehicles boast. There may now be a way for you to keep your Land Rover looking shiny and brand new for longer with the upcoming release of a technology made to keep your car doors safe from scratches and dings. Land Rover Fort Myers has the details on this new innovation.

How the New Land Rover Door Tech Works

Currently still under development, the new technology being worked on by Jaguar Land Rover uses sensors that are built into the door handles and the edges of the car doors. These sensors are able to measure their nearness to another car, wall, fence, or other object by calculating the angle at which the door opens against the distance from the object. If the sensors predict that you might hit an object when the door opens, the vehicle will send a warning to the driver or passenger to take precautions when opening the vehicle door. On top of that, this system will also be able to send out warnings to approaching pedestrians to let them know to be careful when the driver is about to open the door.

When Will it Be Available?

As of right now, we don’t yet have word from Land Rover about the possible release date for this new door-opening technology. Considering the speed with which the luxury SUV manufacturer is producing and implementing other advanced technologies, though, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it on models within the next couple of model years.

Keep Your Land Rover in Top Shape at Land Rover Fort Myers

While this technology is certainly exciting, it doesn’t exactly help you out if you already own a Land Rover. There are precautions you can take to help you keep your doors looking new, however, including purchasing protective door sills from the list Land Rover accessories. If you need any help finding the right door sills for your Land Rover, or if you want more information about the new Land Rover door technology, contact us at Land Rover Fort Myers.