Land Rover Developing Pothole Avoidance Technology

June 11th, 2015 by

All drivers can agree that potholes stink. Nobody likes to hit one, and it always seems like more and more pop up, and repairs can’t come soon enough. Well, Land Rover is fighting back against potholes with some innovative new technology.

With Pothole Alert Technology, Land Rover is looking to use vehicles to gather information on potholes like their size, severity, and location, and send out information via connected car technology to other drivers so they know to avoid the potholes, as they will get an alert. Also, municipal authorities can be alerted, so they will know which potholes to prioritize fixing.

It is pretty cool, isn’t it? We think it is wonderful that Land Rover is leading the charge to have this technology fully realized, and that we can all keep our vehicles in good shape by avoiding potholes. Hopefully, the new Land Rover lineup can have this technology soon. While we wait though, you can stop in and see us at Land Rover Fort Myers, here in Fort Myers, FL and we’d be happy to help you.

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