Tackle Bad Weather with Land Rover Surface ID

January 17th, 2017 by

The holidays have come and gone, leaving a long stretch of winter weather in front of us. While that means sledding, skiing, and beautifully blanketed yards of snow, it also means some inconveniences, including difficult driving conditions during and after a snowstorm. Thankfully, Land Rover is staying ahead of the curve with Land Rover Surface ID, an all-new technology that is sure to make your driving experience easier in winter months, during rainy weather, and even when you take your vehicle off road. Find out more, and then get the full scoop at Land Rover Fort Myers.

How Land Rover Surface ID Works

Currently in development, Land Rover Surface ID consists of a set of ultrasonic sensors that are able to read the terrain up to 15 feet ahead of the vehicle’s current location and then communicate the information it finds to various vehicle systems. After that, the vehicle’s Terrain Response system is able to automatically adjust things like steering, throttle, suspension, drivetrain, and powertrain output based on the type of terrain being faced.

Other Land Rover Handling Features

Land Rover puts the ability to handle difficult driving conditions at the forefront of its engineering, design, and tech development concerns. This comes across in a wide variety of ways, including features like:

  • Full-Time Four-Wheel Drive: Many different Land Rover vehicles are offered with full-time four-wheel drive, which means your vehicles 4×4 system is always engaged. Even the smaller crossover models in the Land Rover lineup are offered with confidence-inducing all-wheel drive.
  • Terrain Response: Land Rover Surface ID works in unison with the Land Rover Terrain Response system, which is already offered on most Land Rover models and is able to read the road to respond to snow, ice, sand, mud, grass, and gravel. The difference is that Land Rover Surface ID is able to anticipate, while Terrain Response responds upon impact.

Find Out More About Land Rover Surface ID

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