How to Use Spotify in Your Land Rover

February 23rd, 2017 by

How To Use Spotify In Your Land Rover

Everyone loves listening to their favorite music while driving in the car. Whether you are stuck in traffic looking for a bit of stress relief or you are on a road trip with some friends and simply want to sing some great songs together, being able to reach your favorite tunes easily is imperative. If you own a Land Rover or you are considering purchasing one, listening to your favorite music is about to get that much easier because now you can use Spotify through the InControl Apps.

The Development of the App

Recently, they launched a unique in-car Spotify app and it will completely change the way you listen to music while in your vehicle. Spotify is currently the world’s largest streaming service and Land Rover is the first car maker to develop the in-car app that personalizes playlists based on your listening habits and your taste in music. Land Rover and Spotify worked closely together to create an app that was easy to use as well as enjoyable. Land Rover recognized that Spotify is extremely popular with more than 100 million subscribers. Some of those subscribers drive Land Rovers so it only made sense that they work with the company to develop an app that was on the wish list of their customers. The project to create the app lasted roughly a year because they not only wanted to make Spotify available in the vehicles but they also wanted to create an immersive experience that was familiar to current Spotify users.

How the App Works

The interface of the app looks like the app current Spotify users have and will recognize it and how to use it from their smartphone apps. An addition to the current smartphone app, however, is that users will have the ability to swipe horizontally so the can scroll through menus and ultimately minimize any distractions so they can stay focused on the road. Another cool feature is that the app uses deep learning. Through this, the app will automatically recognize current listener habits. With this data they can provide a personalized playlist for that person which will include tracks that are recommended. This will result in the discovery of new music as well as saving time to get to other songs users like because they will not have to scroll through lists. This is also a safety benefit because users will not have to change songs as often and take their focus off the road ahead. When drivers are in low-signal areas, the app is designed to still function in Offline Mode. Through this mode, pre-loaded songs (done intelligently by the app) will be available for use until the driver approaches an area with better signal.

Technology in vehicles has come a long way but the introduction of the Spotify in-car app by Land Rover is an impressive step than Land Rover users will be able to appreciate in 2017 models. Where will your playlist take you next?

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