5 Benefits of Owning an SUV

January 29th, 2016 by

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In a time when gas prices seem to fluctuate almost daily, and more and more people are thinking about the environment, some may find it hard to justify owning a sports utility vehicle (SUV). For those who own them and love them, there’s no need to explain what makes them so special.

If you’re wondering if owning a SUV is the right thing for you, consider the multiple benefits of SUV ownership.

A Nice View


SUVs are bigger than most other vehicles on the road. The seats are higher off the ground, which means you’ll have better visibility while you’re driving. Many new SUV owners comment on how much they can see compared to smaller four-door sedans. Another benefit of a higher seat is the ease in which you can get in and out of your SUV. No more climbing out and feeling wedged in tight.

Comfortable Drive


Thanks to the higher suspension and bigger tires, driving an SUV is a more comfortable experience. Plagued by potholes or living by an unpaved road? Give your back a break. Sure, you’ll feel the dips and bumps in a SUV, but not the way you might in a four-door hatchback that’s just a few inches off the ground.

Drive in Any Condition

Snow on the ground or big puddles left by a passing thunderstorm aren’t a big cause for concern when you own a SUV. Yes, you still have to be careful, but with more weight behind you, larger tires, and extra inches between you and the ground, your SUV can get you down the road in almost any weather condition.

Gas Mileage is Better Than You Think

Back in the day, most SUVs were gas guzzlers. These days you can find many SUVs that get 30 miles per gallon on the highway. As technology continues to improve, so do the fuel capacities for vehicles, and SUVs have benefited from those advancements. You don’t have to worry that your next fill up will cost as much as your car payment or that you’ll spend all your time at the pump.

Added Safety

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Compare a 5,000-pound SUV to a 3,000-pound sedan. Which will win in a collision? Most likely, the SUV and owner will leave the accident relatively unscathed. As SUVs have evolved, new safety features have been added over time. More airbags, stability features, and anti-rollover capabilities are now the norm, not the exception. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) commented on increased SUV safety back in 2011 and includes many SUV models on its annual list of top safety picks.

Finding the right vehicle for life and the changes you’re anticipating isn’t always easy, but it’s a must in today’s busy world. SUVs aren’t just a good choice because they can seat seven people or haul everything you own. Everyone’s reasons for buying and driving a SUV are different, but for those who’ve had the experience, it’s almost impossible to go back to anything smaller.